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Cannabis Event

Temporary cannabis events are multi-day events where people can sell and consume cannabis. These events last from one to four days at a location approved by the city or county. Cannabis event organizers host temporary cannabis events.


You must apply for a temporary cannabis event license at least 60 calendar days before the first day of the temporary cannabis event and obtain the license before the event begins.

To host a cannabis event, you must have two licenses:

  • A cannabis event organizer license

  • A temporary cannabis event license


Having an event organizer license does not authorize you to:

  • Cultivate cannabis

  • Distribute cannabis or cannabis products

  • Manufacture cannabis products

  • Sell cannabis goods


Informational or educational cannabis events where no sales of cannabis goods or consumption of cannabis goods is occurring are not required to be licensed by the Department in accordance with 4 CCR §15604(a).


Event organizers coordinate all aspects of the event, including:

  • Maintaining the event space

  • Hiring security

  • Posting required signs

  • Providing the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) with a list of participants

  • Providing DCC with a diagram showing the layout of the event and where participants will be set up

For  Event license fees, give us a call at

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