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If you are serious about getting a cannabis license, let’s talk today!

Cannabis Cultivation

If you want to grow cannabis and sell it in California, you will need a cultivation license. The type of cultivation license you need depends o

• The size of your canopy (the area where you grow mature plants)
• What kind of lighting is used.

There are different licenses if you: 

• Grow seedlings and immature plants only for use by other businesses or sale to consumers (nursery license)
• Dry, cure and trim cannabis after harvest; package cannabis; or make pre-rolls for other licensees (processor license)

Our experienced team’s specialists will help you review the conditions of your cannabis cultivation facility in preparation for an inspection by Department of Cannabis Control (Department) staff

Quick checklist:

• Inventory management & track and trace requirements
• Premises & cultivation plan documents
• Designated canopy areas
• Pesticides
• Water source
• Power source & generators
• Light pollution
•   Weighing devices & weighmaster requirements
•   Recordss

Click here to view some profiles of cannabis cultivators who use best practices and tips for managing your cultivation site.

Determining your Cultivation License Type

- Outdoor licenses are for cultivators who grow cannabis outside without using any artificial lighting on mature plants.
- Indoor licenses are for cultivators who grow cannabis in a permanent structure using at least 25 watts of artificial light per square foot.
- Mixed-light licenses are for cultivators who grow cannabis in a:

• Greenhouse
• Hoop-house
• Glasshouse
• Conservatory

• Hothouse
• Other similar structure

Mixed-light licenses have two tiers based on the amount of artificial light used:

• Tier 1 – Up to 6 watts per square foot of artificial light
• Tier 2 – 6 to 25 watts per square foot of artificial light

For Cultivation license fees, give us a call at

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