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Cannabis Manufacturing

Manufacturers extract cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plants and make products out of the extract. The types of products they make vary widely and include:

  • Food and beverages

  •  Vape cartridges

  •  Lotions and balms

  •  Lozenges and sublingual sprays

  •  Pills and tablets

  •  Dab, shatter and wax

Manufacturing steps differ based on the type of manufacturing, but generally include:

  • Extraction of cannabinoids

  • Post-processing (refinement) of cannabis extract

  • Infusion of extract or plant material with other ingredients

  • Packaging and labeling cannabis products


The type of manufacturing license you need depends on:

  • What activities you do

  • Whether you do extraction and post processing

  • What types of chemicals you use (if any)

You need a different license if you manufacture in a shared-use facility.

Documenting manufacturing processes

Manufacturers must keep up-to-date documents with their procedures and instructions for making products.

  • You have to construct and follow to the

  • Product quality plan

  • A product quality plan includes:

  • Master manufacturing protocols

  • Batch production records

  • Packaging and labeling

For Manufacturing license fees, give us a call at

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